PullOver is a convertable conversation room where the users explore their sense of touch by interacting and creating their own intimate space.


The topic of PullOver started as a critique on contemporary interiors too often lacking of tactile sensations. The exigency came to generate a space that allows tactile perceptions. In order to investigate the principles of tactility, I researched on materials and shapes in contact with our bodies: on items that we surround ourselves with in our everyday activities.


Those items are specifically made for being in contact with our different parts of the body and they surround us almost like second skins, becoming extensions of the skin itself. By a process of separation of the items from their original functions, and by giving them another scale, they provided with new capabilities and functions.


When scaled up and placed in interior spatial conditions, these qualities became more defined in a variety of directions such as protection form the sight of other people walking by, sound proof qualities, places for privacy, partition elements and quiet barriers from the people flow.


PullOver is created for those interior spaces that are not defined by a specific function but where people give them specific ones with their actions. It responds to the needs of passage semi-public spaces where behaviors such as private phone conversations in a quiet corner or group conversations in transit areas take place.

more on: pullover.tumblr.com

in collaboration with Yukiko Nezu: nezuaymo.com

pictures by Jan Bijl_JAN9318_LOGO

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